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A versatile software development company, TulaSoft specializes in several technological areas listed below and has completed countless projects to date for customers all across the world.

.NET development

With our 10+ year experience with the Microsoft stack of technologies and products, including the .NET platform, we can offer a full range of development services in this field – from requirements exploration and definition to development, testing and post-delivery maintenance.

Our .NET expertise enables us to offer the following services:

  • Proof-of-concept and feasibility research
  • Requirements exploration
  • Requirements analysis and project planning
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Creation of product documentation
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

We can develop the entire project from scratch or join your team at a particular stage and leave the project when our services are no longer needed.

Our .NET competence encompasses, but is not limited to the use of Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Forms, WPF applications and web services.

HTML and CSS coding

Rich GUIs and advanced web applications have always been at the top of our list of priorities and we are proud to have a team capable of producing clean and valid cross-browser compatible code. We are extremely well-versed in the hottest trends on the market, such as responsive design, graceful degradation and parallax effect, and love creating websites offering ultimate viewing experience regardless of the viewing context.

We use the most popular, tried and tested frameworks and libraries to create interfaces that catch the eye and make interaction with the site manifold easier: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation, HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, etc. If necessary, we can create custom templates for your content management system or online store.

We fully understand the importance of properly written code and adaptive interfaces that offer the same level of comfort when viewed on different devices, be it desktop systems, tablets or smartphones.

ETL Consulting

Our first-hand experience with large-scale data manipulation and migration enables us to offer ETL consulting services to companies looking for a way to transfer and convert data once or on a regular basis. TulaSoft offers custom ETL solutions to facilitate one-time or scheduled data extraction, transformation and loading from various sources into a single database or data warehouse, as well as the migration of data between different relational databases.

Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions

Being able to collect meaningful business information is an important prerequisite of a successful company. However, it is the subsequent analysis and systematization of this data that converts into better sales, optimized processes and development of efficient strategies.

TulaSoft is ready to assist such companies by offering professional business intelligence and reporting solutions capable of analyzing large arrays of data from different perspectives and with varying levels of detail. We are capable of designing and developing functional dashboards and flexible alerting systems providing a complete overview of the data flow and providing event-driven feedback to users across the company. If necessary, we can create an OLAP data storage using Microsoft Analysis Services.

Data Mining Solutions

Data mining helps translate raw data into valuable and useful information, identify trends and patterns, and provide grounds for subsequent decision-making. A more complex process than reporting and BI, data mining helps find dependencies in data and localize problems leading to unsatisfactory performance of a particular business unit.

Our experienced data analysts will help you build a data model reflecting the structure of your business and its environment, suggest optimal data analysis algorithms and offer the most cost-efficient approach to identifying bottlenecks in your company. To achieve that, we can integrate a data mining solution with your existing reporting system or create one from scratch. We stay loyal to Microsoft in terms of selecting a toolkit for data mining projects – as a rule, we use Excel with Data Mining Add-ins and Microsoft Analysis Services that proved to be invaluable for projects of any scale and complexity.

SQL Server Consulting

We help our clients set up and optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server. The range of our SQL Server related services spans from assistance in selecting the right license type and hardware platform to deploying the software and tweaking its settings for best performance.

Our developers and administrators have years of experience in this area that they will eagerly share with you. Specifically, we have everything necessary to help you with:

  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Planning and implementation of maintenance and recovery strategies
  • SQL Server upgrades and ongoing maintenance
  • Creation of fault-tolerant systems based on SQL Server

Mongo DB Consulting

Mongo DB is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to its outstanding fitness for high-load systems and unsurpassed response time, relatively simple data model and softer formal requirement to data integrity.

We provide a full range of services pertaining to the integration and support of Mongo DB into the customer’s infrastructure both as the primary storage system and as a fast auxiliary cache solution for another relational database, such as SQL Server.

To fulfill the above objective, we can collect and formalize the requirements, design the structure of the future data storage, come up with the optimal sharding and replication settings, pick the most suitable hardware, develop and implement the system, and, finally, support and maintain it on a regular, ongoing basis.

Web crawlers and online data mining

Our experience in BI, data mining and reporting allows us to offer a rather unique service of designing and developing intelligent online data mining tools tailored for the needs of the SEO industry: specialized web crawlers, SERP parsers for Google and Yandex, solutions based on unique keyword mining algorithms and a lot more.

Lync Server Solutions

With years of hands-on experience in integrating and customizing Lync Server solutions, we offer a complete range of services in this area. Examples of such tasks may include: customization of the user interface to meet the specific needs of a particular customer, troubleshooting and bug fixing, integration with third-party components and solutions, as well as other customizations.

Support and Maintenance

Apart from software development, TulaSoft offers a host of support and maintenance services for systems developed by the company and other vendors. The scope of these services spans from ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting to deep customization and gradual migration to alternative solutions. Each support project is supervised by a technically-savvy project manager and a team of skilled developers capable of solving issues without disrupting the work of the supported system.

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